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Thursday, February 12, 2004
  SF decides to marry gay couples . Most exciting thing since Mass, but even more revolutionary because it was right before conservatives tried to make marriage a heterosexual activity. To bad not even the basic rights of equality even exist in our school. Case in point: people are written up for holding hands because they are homosexual/bisexual, while heterosexuals get by with nothing but a warning for almost any activity. While I have no problem with PDA, it does need to be treated equally. It's the same response a person gets for admitting any number of things. Another example: feminists are expected to not wear makeup or do crafts. WHat people ignore is that feminists often (use crafts) to reconnect with the past. Crafts are not just a female activity, despite the perception of most people- especially teens. QueerJoe is a (gay) older male who knits absolutely stunning fairisle. See the link on the sidebar for queerknit for more people that defy the norms (or support people who do). Some male teens even are interested/amused by the concept of knitting because it's something they've never seen before, and I have taught upwards of 20 males how to knit :) It's all about learning to defy and break down the gender norms. WHich, coincidentaly, Bush is trying to uphold (encouraging lower-class womyn to marry...).

This is the same (well, all the examples are) as the way whiwte society viewed Jim. They didn't expect him to care about his children, wife, etc. or expect that he had any feelings at all.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2004
  So, how this blog works: Blog has a bunch of random comments that may or may not be strewn together and may be linked to a news article, though it may be assumes you know what I am talking about (i.e. gay marriage). Time spent creating/writing/researching for the blog is recorded at the end (see end of the blog for examples). To make this the most real world and reflect my "thoughts" the blog will be gender editted. SPellling, capitalization (especially in random places), and typing all seem to be optional.

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